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3-4 years   Welcome

At Country Junction Preschool, our goal is to meet the individual needs of each child by providing a safe,
warm and nurturing environment filled with enriching experiences to build on and grow from.

The Country Junction Staff is committed to creating a positive and rewarding experience for every
child by encouraging and promoting:

’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Independent time,
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Social skills,
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Self confidence,
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Creativeness,
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Self help skills,
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Cooperative play,
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Language development, and
’ΔΆ’ΔΆ’ΔΆ- Gross and fine motor skills.
3.5-4.5 years
Pre K

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